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Group News

Reunited at last

After office renovations, the McIntyre group has been reunited! After having the group split between rooms for quite a long time, the added capacity of the office has allowed for all McIntyre students to have desks in the same room again. Come visit the group, along with some members of the Salleo and Melosh groups, now living together in McCullough 203!

Michael Braun

Quals congratulations!

This morning, graduate student Michael Braun passed his qualifying exam and will be continuing his work on group IV nanowires with the McIntyre group.

p.s. I definitely did not write this myself...

Michael Braun

Farewell Kyle

Kyle Kemp is leaving his post-doctoral position in the group, best of luck in your future!

Michael Braun

Congratulations Yanming!

Yanming successfully defended his thesis this afternoon, congratulations!

Michael Braun

Hello World!

Hi all, this is the first post on the new website! There are still lots of changes to come, but I hope you enjoy redesign!

Michael Braun